The Cabinet’s Resolution No. 220 of 2015 was issued on 4 February 2015 to establish Badr Dry Port. In recent years, shipping by containers and navigation lines has increased and boosted trade leading to the increase in the need for dry ports with high technology and efficiency to provide logistic services in order to be able to keep pace with the increase in the requirements of importers.

Why us?

Badr Dry Port is distinguished by providing the best logistic services through the commitment, the accuracy, the quality and the teamwork with their international experience in dealing with customers and providing the best logistic services in the field of ports management and operation.

Vision and Mission:

The port aims to be a globally pivotal port for transit and containers handling by maintaining a clean and safe environment while providing competitive services with high quality standard for exports and encouraging investors.

Port Services:

  • Providing appropriate facilities and services to encourage Egyptian exports.

  • Providing the possibility of transporting containers inside the port and unloading and shipping the container contents. .

  • Providing necessary equipment for shipping, unloading and handling, cranes from (3 to 45 tons).

  • There is a warehouse with the area of 1800 m² to store incoming shipments (LCL).

  • Providing electric power for refrigerating containers - monitoring the temperature.

  • Providing places for trucks to park.