The main and additional services provided by Queen Service Company from the Department of Disinfection and Control for Civil and military authorities, with a professional license from the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Health, and a warehouse permit from the Industrial Development Authority in the following disciplines:

  • Disinfecting and controlling flying insects

  • Disinfecting and controlling crawling insects
  • Disinfecting and controlling bed bugs

  • Disinfecting and controlling reptiles and scorpions
  • Disinfecting and controlling geckos and bats .
  • Disinfecting and controlling of rodents

The works of disinfection and control are carried out for all the above-mentioned items using the latest liquid pesticides with high concentrations from major international companies authorized by public health. Various alternatives are used from pastes, liquid pesticides by injection and spots, using the latest pesticides for rodents, reptiles, scorpions and geckos from solid bait, bait stations, rodents cylinders and dusting powder from major international companies authorized by public health to implement disinfection and controlling by distributing, spreading and dusting.

    Disinfection and control of viruses and bacteria using the latest and best equipment, tools and materials produced by international companies and El-Nasr Chemicals Company.
    Disinfecting, controlling and fumigation to fight insects and rodents, places for storing cereals and agricultural crops, depots and tanks of vessels and ships intended for transporting agricultural products by using the materials authorized to be used by the Ministry of Agriculture.